SIBITI Corporation  gathers its team of expert service providers from various countries and industries outside of Africa and then implements project deliverables through GoPanier from within Africa. SIBITI Corporations international network of affiliates and partners provide international services and consultants in various industries including Telecommunications, Internet, Mobile, Medical, Mining, Sustainable Energy, Residential & Commercial Construction and Food. To maximize effectiveness and efficiencies, we have chosen our delivery fulfillment approach through an eco-system of technology providers. These partners bring in complementary skills and technologies to provide depth and breadth to our service offerings.


Our services are managed for public and private, land-based and wireless networks. We provide network deployment, maintenance & preventative maintenance support, installation, strategic planning, staging, testing, training, repair, refurbishment and network monitoring.

  • Voice Solutions
  • Data Solutions
  • Hosted IP Services
  • Global PRI
  • Phone Services
  • WiFi Services
  • Commercial and Residential Services
  • Internet Services
  • Data Centres
  • Cloud Services
  • International Calling
  • Technical Services

We provide a wide variety of intelligent mobile electronics such as Smart Phones, Feature Phones, Tablets and mobile accessories. Our relationships with manufacturers and distributors around the world gives us the ability to provide the lowest prices for some of the most advanced and popular wireless electronic products available. We are always looking for the next innovation in mobile and making it available to the marketplace.

We are an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and utilize Fiber and Ethernet technologies for commercial and residential internet access. Our engineering team works with clients to create and deliver on-premise and/or cloud-based solutions to maximize efficiency and cost-savings. Virtual private servers can be delivered on Windows or Linux platforms.

Residential & Commercial Construction
We build cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally-friendly structures for residential and commercial use. Using patented, high-quality Insulated Concrete Forms we can create structures that are highly-adaptable to climate and economic challenges. These Forms can be customized into any required building size and shape and the material is resistant to wind, storms, fire, mold and insects. They have superior insulation which translates into energy efficiencies in order to retain coolness or heat. Superior material and superior design means less waste, less cost and a longer lasting structure.

A variety of mineral extraction projects is available for exploration and development. Resources will be made available to; expedite legal and regulatory processes, furnish adequate geological information, improve administrative efficiencies and if necessary, restructure existing operations to improve cost-effectiveness.

We specialize in and provide solutions for Health Care and Medical Industries around the globe. Our functionalities include, Patient Registration, Admissions, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Inventory, Scheduler, Staff Rota, Appointment, Care Plan, Billing, Laboratory, Pharmacy, Statistics, and Extensive reporting. Our capabilities also include mobile medical services which utilize Telemedicine to provide clinical medical access to rural and remote communities.

Sustainable Energy
We provide customized wind energy and solar energy solutions to help manage fluctuating energy pricing and inconsistent service delivery for residential, commercial and government sites. We combine wind and solar energy with a battery storage technology and integrate this into a modular and customized architecture. Our solutions can be implemented as Micro-Utility and Utility Scale projects and are also capable of being integrated with our prefabricated modular houses and commercial buildings.

Through our subsidiary Sibitifoods and GoPanier, we provide optimal supply chain and distribution solutions for specialty, packaged, natural and organic foods, beverages and fresh produce. We operate in that critically important space between manufacturers/suppliers and retailers and offer value-added sales and marketing services. Whether we’re involved in demand planning, inbound freight consolidation, delivery route optimization, retailer category reviews or speed-to-shelf for new items, we locate your market and deliver.

Africa is currently home to five of the world’s fastest growing economies!