• We find the right opportunities in Africa for the right companies in the global market.
  • We create a bridge that connects the African market to international business.
  • We believe Africa is good for business and business is good for Africa.

 SIBITI Corporation is a Toronto-based Canadian International Business Development and Products Distributor that works collectively with global partners to harness the power of the emerging African market.  We have developed strong relationships with various African organizations, industries and countries throughout the continent. Working through GoPanier, our African-based corporation in Sub-Saharan Africa, we provide a direct connection or bridge to the heart of the emerging African market. This means we are ‘in-country’ and have resources on the ground for direct access to timely and relevant information to maximize business returns.

Africa is still an unknown entity for many business firms and it is our intention to provide these business firms with insights and contacts that will plug them directly into segments of the African market that are growing. There are vast areas of Africa that have leaped forward in technology and resources and these areas are still very much untapped with a wealth of possibilities of future business growth.

We have an intimate and direct understanding of Africa and her many customs and cultures. Relationships with many different companies, agencies and business industries have been developed over many years to understand the untapped African markets.  We have direct contact with decision-makers and officials that give us a unique view of the needs of the emerging market on the ground.

We specialize in our ‘PTP’ or Point-to-Point Strategy. We pick a specific point in the market that has great potential and/or burgeoning demand and we point to your specific service or products that will fulfill that demand. This knowledge is specific, timely and originates from the agencies that drive the demand.

Our Intention: It is our intention to bring together the African economy and the African people with the international business entities that are seeking new territory for business expansion and business growth.


Obtaining quality contacts is critical to the integrity and successful delivery of any project. We leverage these multi-level contacts, from all sectors and locations of industry, to provide unprecedented access to African markets for the international business community.


We have built an eco-system of technology and service providers through an international network of partners. These partners bring in complementary skills and technologies to provide depth and breadth to our service offerings.


We regard profits as important from a financial, social, economic and environmental perspective. Projects are researched and created with an eye on strong financial gain, positive socio-economic impact and environmental sustainability.

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Africa is currently home to five of the world’s fastest growing economies.
Its strong performance over the past few years can be attributed to commodity super-cycling and technology. Improved macroeconomic management has played its part, and increasingly, so has the rise of the African consumer. A growing middle class concentrated in urban areas, coupled with a youthful bulge across the continent bolsters the case for Afro-optimism.

Africa is currently home to five of the world’s fastest growing economies!